Link to conference timetable, and getting email notifications of video releases


The conference timetable, with three time zones, is here (updated 17 November).

Paul Elam’s “An Ear for Men” (AEfM) YouTube channel has a dedicated conference video playlist. Before the conference starts, it will contain the same three promotional videos (one of them an interview of Dr Warren Farrell, by Elizabeth Hobson and Mike Buchanan) as the equivalent playlist of the British political party Justice for Men & Boys (J4MB). Throughout the conference, videos will be published simultaneously on both channels.

The other two promotional videos are the “must see” creations of J4MB’s Technical Director, Tom Caulfield. His other promotional videos for the event are here. We would urge you to share them on social media platforms to raise awareness of the conference.

If you subscribe to the playlists on either the AEfM or J4MB YouTube channels – click on both the “Subscribe” and “Notification” buttons – you’ll receive an email when each video is published (one per hour from midday 14 November to midday 19 November, Sydney time).

The J4MB channel also has playlists of the presentation videos from all the previous men’s issues conferences with which it has been involved – five ICMIs and four other UK conferences, since the first ICMI hosted by Paul Elam near Detroit, in 2014 – here.