Speaker guidance

A great deal of “behind the scenes” work will be required to make the event the success we know it should be, and it is important that conference speakers – contributors of video files – perform their tasks in a timely fashion. The later you submit materials, the greater the likelihood that your video will not be played at the conference.

Speaker information on the conference website

If you’ve already submitted your information, and you’re happy with how it’s presented, you don’t need to do anything. Please contact me (mikebuchananuk@gmail.com) if you require any changes, or if you’re submitting information for the first time, and email me also to confirm you plan to provide a video. With a limited number of speaking slots, the sooner you confirm you plan to provide a video, the higher your chance of being accepted as a speaker.

We require the following from all speakers as soon as possible:

  • Head and shoulders photograph, maximum 2MB, we can crop images if required. The final image used on the website will be portrait style rather than landscape style.
  • Provisional talk title
  • Personal biography and/or background to the talk, with hyperlinks if you wish to include them – maximum 250 words

Guidance for preparing video files for ICMI20

The following information should enable speakers to submit video files of acceptable quality. Tom Caulfield, the Technical Director of Justice for Men & Boys, is responsible for the video content of the conference, as he was for the four very successful conferences over 2016-19. Playlists of the presentations at the five ICMIs since 2014, and the three Messages 4 Men conferences held in London (2017-19) are here.

If you have any queries concerning your videos, please contact him direct (tom@tokkelossi.com).

Test video and final video

Please prepare a test video of no more than two minutes’ duration, using the equipment in the location and under the same conditions you’ll be using later for your final video, and send it to Tom via http://wetransfer.com as soon as possible. In the subject line on WeTransfer, please write “[Name] / TEST”. Tom will approve the test video or give you guidance on how to reach the required quality level. Final videos are required by 30 September.

For this conference, video files transferred by WeTransfer cannot exceed 2GB. If your final video file is larger than 2GB, download this software (no charge) https://handbrake.fr/downloads.php. Then watch this video from 2:09 onwards https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ezwonf_Sphg.

Video duration

30 – 50 minutes. Videos in excess of 50 minutes will automatically be rejected.

Video format

.mp4 preferred, .mov acceptable.

Format / resolution

1920 x 1080 frame size preferred (high definition, HD) but any frame size with 1080 will be acceptable (standard definition, SD).

Frames per second (fps)

25fps preferred, 50fps acceptable.

Colour system

PAL preferred, NTSC acceptable but only if PAL is not available to you.


It is important to have strong lighting on your face.


Assuming slides are provided in a different file to the video, they must be in the same format e.g. 1920 x 1080. With Microsoft Powerpoint, this is “presentation quality” or “best quality”.

Email Tom to inform him of the time points where he needs to add and remove the slides from your video.



Copyrighted material

Please do not include copyrighted material in your video. Copyright infringement could result in the conference channel being taken down.